We pride ourselves in supporting achievement tangible benefits by our partner farmers and providing an opportunity for them to grow financially and create sustainable business models in farming. We work very closely with our partner farms while embracing the challenge of maintaining international standards in crop protection and product handling.
In the Mount Kenya region we have 4 partner farmers, 3 are farming snow peas while one is farming passion fruits. The cooler climate in this region is favourable for healthy snow-peas crops and the short crop cycle enables farmers to turn the same parcel of land a minimum of 3 times in a year. We also have 2 farms in Kajiado county and 2 farms in Eastern regions in Embu and Machakos Counties, all growing French beans, sugar snaps and assorted herbs. One farmer in Kiambu county is growing a substantial volume of herbs.

Collectively between the farm owners and employees working on the farms, our network of partner farmers directly supports a total of 36 families through creation of direct employment, impacting directly on a minimum of 180 people. Our aim is to see to it that all these families experience meaningful sustainable economic empowerment.