At AgroFirst, our people are our most valued resource, a reason why job satisfaction forms part of our KPIs. We purpose to offer meaningful employment at a decent living wage, providing a safe, constructive, professional work environment; we nurture talent, reward performance, promote equality & diversity and empower our own to be the best they can be.

At inception, finding the right combination of Knowledge, Skill & Experience relevant to various positions in our organization was a struggle. We were stuck with stand alone variations of either, or a perfect match but way out of reachable budget. From our pain point, we committed to offer paid opportunities to interns & fresh graduates as management trainees.

We aim at equipping the youth with practical skills, knowledge & experience relevant to the job market, mostly lacking at the time of graduation. Through capacity building, 70% of our departments are run by fresh graduates trained on the job, opportunities they probably wouldn’t have gotten elsewhere.

We see a bright future of happy, involved and proud young minds contributing to growth & innovation in an ever changing world.