We place great value in ensuring delivery of high quality products to our customers, and we understand that to achieve this, management of the production process from planting stage is critical. Additionally, most of our customers require rigorous technical standards of traceability of the produce and clear documentation of food safety aspects especially relating to use of pesticides and monitoring of residual levels. We partner with our contracted farmers to ensure that facilities in all our farms conform to the Global Gap Certification standards.


Our Packhouse is also certified to ensure the highest standards of hygiene and food safety. Our staff are regularly trained in food handling and safety standards. Our GLOBAL GAP, BRC and SMETA certification is part of our commitment towards ensuring the appropriate and safe crop protection protocols are followed, thereby assuring a supply of fresh and reliably safe fruits and vegetables to our customers at all times.


We also ensure that produce is transported in hygienic crates from collection centers to the pack house at Athi-River for sorting and packing before dispatching to the airport. Our insulated trucks are always sanitized before loading at the collection centres and before loading for the airport.