Competitive demand for quality horticultural products continues to rise. AgroFirst’s partnership with different sustainability partners aims at adopting horticultural practices necessary to mitigate diminishing resources, climate change, invasive species and social inclusivity while providing economic opportunities to rural economies, and meeting nutritional needs.

GLOBALG.A.P. is an internationally recognized standard that actively works on harmonizing Good Agricultural Practices worldwide by encouraging sustainability & laying foundations for the protection of scarce resources.

Being GLOBALG.A.P. certified ensures that we produce safe produce, traceable to source through sustainable & acceptable practices, significantly reducing our exposure to food safety risks. This reassurance to consumers has enabled us gain access to global markets.

Sedex is one of the world’s leading ethical trade membership organizations that aims to empower responsible global supply chains.

Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit – (SMETA) evaluates the standards of four areas of an organization: Labour, health & safety, environment and business ethics.

Our SMETA certification demonstrates that we are actively playing our part in social responsibility and the ethical nature of our business practices. This has strengthened our standing in ethical compliance. Link with us on Sedex using ZC411304263 as our company reference.

COLEACP is a non profit inter professional association committed to increasing the competitiveness, resilience, inclusiveness & sustainablity of horticultural value chains in the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) group of states.

AgroFirst Epz has an active MOU with COLEACP that aims to secure lasting improvement to adapt to evolving sanitary and phytosanitary, commercial, social and environmental requirements on local, regional and international markets