About Us

Our Story

From the ancient slopes of Mt. Elgon, the oldest extinct volcano in East Africa, the high altitude areas of Mt Kenya and Aberdare ranges in central Kenya to the lowlands of Ukambani in Eastern Kenya, the vibrant essence of the tropics comes to life in a perfect blend of own farms and contracted farmers of choice.

This geographical diversity forms the backbone of AgroFirst’s ability to provide a diverse range of products throughout the year while upholding unwavering standards of safe supply, traceability, and quality.

What initially began as a modest 5-acre venture in 2020 within the secluded lowlands of eastern Kenya has progressively burgeoned into a cultivation sprawl of over 100 acres, thriving across diverse regions in Kenya.

From the outset, our commitment has been unwavering. We advocate for responsible production practices, ensuring that every stakeholder in our value chain operates in a commercially viable and sustainable manner.

Our produce undergoes processing and packaging in line with industry standards at our state-of-the-art facility in the Export Processing Zone in Athi River, conveniently located near JKIA, Kenya’s primary airport.

Ultimately, customers can trust that our products meet quality standards, gracing family tables worldwide with healthy and fresh offerings.


To cultivate and export healthy, fresh produce in a sustainable manner.


To generate value for our stakeholders and become a preferred provider of high-quality produce.


At AgroFirst, our dedication to sustainability drives us to consistently and continually enhance our environmental impact, striving for a positive influence on our surroundings, prioritizing the wellbeing and welfare of all individuals we engage with, and ensuring that our business decisions align with both sense and success.

Our pledge at AgroFirst is to understand and fulfill our customers’ needs with utmost open communication, maintaining transparency in every interaction, upholding integrity in actions and commitments, fostering lasting trust, a cornerstone of sustainable business.

We champion collaboration at AgroFirst, emphasizing collective responsibility, encouraging both group and individual accountability, and welcoming judgment on our actions as a pathway to stronger partnerships.

Driven by our motto, “Healthy and Fresh!”, we commit to process enhancement by aligning with industry standards and certifications, adopting best practices to consistently deliver unparalleled quality.

Success at AgroFirst is a collective endeavor. We leverage the diverse expertise and dedication of our team, recognizing the role and importance of each stakeholder and ensuring every relationship is held in the highest esteem..



At the heart of AgroFirst lies our people, our most cherished asset. Recognizing their importance, we have integrated job satisfaction as a core metric within our performance indicators.

Our commitment goes beyond mere employment; we strive to provide roles that offer dignified wages and cultivate a safe, professional, and nurturing environment. Within these walls, we actively foster talent, celebrate achievements, champion equality, and celebrate diversity. Our aspiration is to empower each member of our team to realize their utmost potential.

Reflecting on our early days, the challenge was identifying the right blend of Knowledge, Skill, and Experience tailored to each role within our organization. We grappled with variations that were either too generic or an impeccable fit that stretched beyond our financial reach.

However, challenges often pave the way for innovation. This realization led us to initiate paid roles for interns and recent graduates, grooming them as management trainees. Our primary goal? To arm the youth with the tangible skills and insights the contemporary job landscape demands—skills often overlooked in traditional educational settings.

Today, we take pride in the fact that 70% of our departments are steered by these very individuals—fresh graduates honed through practical, on-the-job training. These are opportunities they might have struggled to find elsewhere.

Envisioning the horizon, we see a tapestry of enthusiastic, engaged, and ambitious young professionals, driving growth, fostering innovation, and shaping a brighter, transformative future for AgroFirst.