With increasing demand for safe, quality products, grown with humanity and the environment in mind, AgroFirst in collaboration with various sustainability partners is dedicated to embracing horticultural practices compliant to industry needs and standards.

GLOBALG.A.P. is a globally acknowledged standard dedicated to unifying Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). It emphasizes sustainability and establishes a groundwork for safeguarding limited resources. Our GLOBALG.A.P. certification guarantees that our products are safe and traceable to origin enabling us to markedly enhance food safety. This certification provides consumers with confidence in our products, opening doors for us to stay compliant and competitive in the global arena.

SMETA, or Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit, is a comprehensive assessment tool designed to gauge standards in labor, health & safety, environmental and business ethics within an organization. Our SMETA certification affirms our dedication to social responsibility and ethical practice, standards that shape our business operations. Connect with us on Sedex with our reference ZC411304263.