Corporate Social

At the heart of our humanity lies a profound duty to uplift those in our midst. This intrinsic responsibility to our society resonates deeply within us, especially in these contemporary times. We are driven by an enduring aspiration: to foster a world that’s more compassionate than it was yesterday.

This guiding ethos has steered us towards the HERITAGE OF FAITH CHILDREN REHABILITATION CENTRE and BONDENI CHILDREN’S HOME, two commendable Charitable Children Institutions in our vicinity. Together, they provide sanctuary and care for over 300 Orphans and Vulnerable Children.

Every week, we channel our surplus produce to these noble establishments, ensuring that our unsold items find a purposeful destination. In doing so, we not only combat food wastage but also kindle hope and bring joy to the faces of these young souls.

For every child is a beacon of our collective future, deserving of every opportunity. As Jeff Bridges aptly said: 

“Poverty is a very complicated issue, but feeding a child isn’t.”