Our Impact

As a global agricultural enterprise, AgroFirst EPZ is inherently committed to and closely aligned with sustainable practices, actively contributing to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our direct contributions focus on addressing Goals related to Poverty Reduction, Social Well-being, and Environmental Sustainability.
eradicating poverty

Acknowledging the pivotal role of agricultural growth in poverty reduction, we prioritize empowering smallholders as a cornerstone of our approach. We offer these individuals the opportunity to earn a decent living by cultivating produce on our behalf, regardless of their farming capacity and ability. This strategy not only nurtures economic resilience at the grassroots level but also aligns with our commitment to advancing Goal 1 of the SDGs – No Poverty. By providing avenues for smallholders to engage in the global market, we actively contribute to sustainable economic development, uplifting communities from poverty and fostering a more inclusive and equitable agricultural landscape.

eradicating hunger

We go beyond mere production, placing a priority on fortifying our farmers' capacity to boost their household incomes. This empowerment facilitates their access to and affordability of nutritious foods, aligning with our commitment to Goal 2 – Zero Hunger. By fostering enhanced household incomes among farmers, we not only tackle immediate food security concerns but also contribute to the development of resilient communities. Our focus extends beyond quantity to guarantee the quality and nutritional value of the produced food, promoting long-term health and well-being. Through these endeavors, we aim to create a significant impact on global food security and nutrition, fostering a more sustainable and equitable future.

Championing Gender Equality

AgroFirst proudly embraces the role of an equal opportunity employer, actively championing gender equality by placing women in pivotal decision-making roles within our organization. Our dedication to inclusivity is evident through the deliberate adoption of policies that cultivate diversity and staunchly oppose all forms of violence and discrimination, thereby aligning with Goal 5 of the SDGs – Gender Equality. We firmly believe that empowering women in leadership positions not only elevates the overall efficiency and innovation of our enterprise but also serves as a positive exemplar for the wider community. Our commitment to gender equality extends beyond rhetoric, driving tangible actions that shape a more equitable and empowered work environment.

Fostering Economic Growth and Employment

Aligned with our steadfast commitment to sustainable development, AgroFirst proudly operates a program dedicated to providing valuable opportunities for interns and recent graduates through our management trainee initiative. This initiative is in harmony with SDG 8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth. Our objective is to bridge the gap between academic learning and real-world applications by imparting practical knowledge and experience crucial for success in the job market to the youth. The program concentrates on cultivating skills, fostering innovation, and nurturing a mindset for sustainable business practices. By investing in the professional development of young talents, we not only contribute to alleviating youth unemployment but also bolster the overall economic growth of the communities where we operate.

Advocating Sustainable Consumption and Production

Devoted to advancing responsible and sustainable agricultural practices, we empower our farmers with crucial technical knowledge and support, promoting adherence to Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and environmentally friendly farming methods. This active commitment aligns with SDG 12 – Responsible Consumption and Production. In our dedication to minimizing waste and enhancing community well-being, we've instituted initiatives to address surplus produce. Unsellable items are directed towards meaningful causes, significantly reducing food waste. We regularly contribute to local children's homes, ensuring nutritious meals for those in need. Additionally, surplus produce serves as animal feed for local pastoralists, bolstering both animal food security and the livelihoods of nearby communities. This comprehensive approach reflects our commitment to sustainable development and responsible resource utilization.

Preserving Ecosystems and Biodiversity

AgroFirst is actively involved in collaborative initiatives with farmer groups in the western Kenya highlands, where joint efforts are focused on re-afforestation, restoration, and conservation of mountain ecosystems. This commitment aligns with our dedication to Sustainable Development Goal 15 – Life on Land. Acknowledging the critical importance of preserving biodiversity and maintaining ecosystem health, our intentional engagement with local farmer groups seeks to address environmental challenges in the region. Through tree planting, sustainable land management practices, and conservation activities, we collaborate with these communities to contribute to the restoration of degraded landscapes and the protection of vital habitats. This collective approach not only promotes environmental sustainability but also empowers local communities to actively participate in preserving their natural surroundings.